Termite Barriers and Floods

Do you have a Termite Barrier or Termiticide Treated Zone around your home or property?

If you do then make sure your investment doesn’t get washed away – literally!

You need to make sure that it’s still working!

What does a major rain event (and flooding) do to a termite barrier?

Lots of rain can mean flooding or additional waterflow causing:

  • soil wash-outs (erosion) and/or;
  • accumulation of silt against structures

If this happens to soil that is treated with termiticide, then it can compromise the level of termite protection you think you have.

If soil treated with termiticide has been washed away, then obviously that level of protection is gone.

The less obvious threat is when additional soil or silt has been deposited on top of existing soil that has been treated with termiticide.

This means that termites can go straight over the top of the treated soil (a technical term we call ‘Bridging’) and get right into your home.

What should you do?

If you have a termiticide treated zone or termite barrier around your property and you have experienced changes to the soil levels of the treated soil, then contact the pest controller that did the work for you immediately.  Ask them to all out for an on-site assessment of the situation.

It is very likely that the affected areas will need some additional treatment.

Regardless of whether termites take advantage of the altered circumstances, you need to know that in most cases any type of service warranty that existed with the pest control company will be voided until:

  1. you get the pest controller to come out to your property to check the current situation;
  2. you follow through on any recommendations that they make;
  3. you get any additional treatment that they may recommend to properly re-instate the termiticide barrier or treated zone.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Why get serious about termites around your home?

Just remember that there is no house insurance that will insure you against damage to your home or contents if termites are the cause.

A lot of people think they won’t be affected by termites – but the fact is that 1 in 4 properties in Australia will be affected by termites.

Read about termites and house insurance


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